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Ethanol…Increase Or Decrease Emissions

SciCheck Dueling TV ads are running heavily in Washington, D.C. Those against claim the federal ethanol mandate “doubles greenhouse gas emissions.” At the same time, the ethanol lobby says that “the oil industry is lying” and the mandate will lead to lower emissions.

 A 2011 report by the National Research Council, part of U.S. National Academies, found the matter is under review by the Environmental Protection Agency’s internal watchdog.

In fact, the ethanol lobby misleads viewers by suggesting that only “big oil” is apposed to the mandate when several environmental groups oppose it as well.  Other coalition owners include restaurant owners concerned with the upward pressure on food prices and boat manufacturers are upset about the problem ethanol causes marine engines.

The heavy lobbying is taking place in advance of the November 30 deadline for the EPA to finalize requirements fo total volume of ethanol to put into gasoline.

National Research Council: [A]ccording to EPA’s own estimates, corn-grain ethanol produced in 2011, which is almost exclusively made in bio refineries using natural gas as a heat source, is a higher emitter of GHG than gasoline.

Former Vice President Al Gore has called the federal requirement for adding corn-based ethanol to gasoline “a mistake.” In a 2010 address in Athens, Greece, Gore said he had come to conclude that burning ethanol had helped increase food prices, and that he had erred in backing the requirement as a presidential candidate in 2000.

Is the EPA’s new regulations to increase, decrease, or keep the Ethanol mandate requirement as it has in the past?  Chcek in a few days to see if we will have a footnote to this report.

Source: Ethanol: Higher Emissions or Lower? FactCheck.org, by Brooks Jackson, November 23, 2015