How To Communicate More Convincingly – Part 2

Issue 118 – We Talk About Ourselves 60% Of The Time

Introduction…This is Part 2 of the discussion “How To Communicate More Convincingly.”  We start where we last ended.

Communicate...Here are items 6 to 10 that will drastically improve our communications.

6.  Don’t equate our experience with others.  This does not build empathy and takes away their need to be heard.  We don’t know how they feel.  We all react differently to life’s challenges.  it’s more effective to listen and ask questions.

7.   Don’t repeat ourselves.  This is something I do to fill in blank space in the conversation. On average, we talk about ourselves 60% of the time.  (Source unknown)  That doesn’t leave us much time to communicate convincingly.

8.  Stay out of the weeds with too many details.  And avoid industry jargon.  Many may think they know what the jargon means,  but few listeners do.

9.  Listen.  Humans are not good listeners by nature.  How hard is it to get your children to listen?  We speak at 150 words per minute.  But, we think at 450 words per minute.  Listening takes practice.

10.  Be brief.  “A good conversation is like a miniskirt: short enough to retain interest, but long enough to cover the subject.”

In conclusion…The secret to communicating more convincingly starts with asking questions and listening to others.  None of the above items comes naturally, but they are worth mastering.  Work on one item at a time until you are ready to proceed to the next.

Source: Celeste Headlee Media