Will Future Wars Be Fought Over Water Rather Than Oil?

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Introduction...Let’s admit it.  The two Iraq wars were to assure the free flow of oil to the United States and its allies. Oil is the lifeblood of any modern economy.  Check for yourself.  Can you find anything in your house that isn’t made of petroleum, grown with petroleum, manufactured with petroleum, or shipped by petroleum products? I couldn’t find one single thing.

United States History of protecting Middle East oil supplies… The U.S. military has used force or the threat of force to protect energy interests primarily in the Middle East for more than five decades.  The cost the American taxpayer in the Persian Gulf just between 1976 and 2007 was $7.3 trillion.  This policy was formulated during World War II when the U.S. battled with Japan over the shipping choke points in the Pacific.


During the Cold War, the U.S. was protecting the Middle East oil supply from Soviet Union dominance.  Now in 2015, I’m not sure whose interests we are protecting.  An acquaintance of mine was recently called to testify before a Congressional Subcommittee.  He told the Subcommittee he had personal knowledge that the U.S. State Department gave $300 million to ISIS.  The Congressional response was to bury it.

Now, what happens when we have widespread water shortages...California now requires mandatory 25% cut in water use for the first time in history highlighting the world’s looming water crisis.  California leads the nation in number of people affected by drought conditions, according to the U.S. drought monitor.  Abnormally dry to exceptionally dry conditions impact 37 million Californians.

Texas drought conditions now extends to 56% of state and impacts more than 9 million Texans. And yet the last major water reservoir built in Texas was more than a decade ago in Northeast Texas, Lake Gilmer.  We continue to build new homes that require extensive watering to keep the grass and plants alive in Texas summer heat.  Approximately 25% of municipal water in summer months is used in Texas to sprinkle grass and plants.

Who will control the world’s water supplies–governments or corporations?…Water has been regarded as a common good when it was plentiful in most of the earth.  As populations continue to grow that is changing.
Now water is big business.  There are now ten major corporations that supply water to 300 million people in 100 countries including the United States.
So who will be a better steward of this ever more precious resource?  Governments or corporations?  Let me know what you believe on this subject.

In conclusion... Will future wars be fought over water rather than oil?  It is conceivable.  But, now is the time to conserve our water resources and create new supplies to avoid such future conflicts.
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