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Robots To The Rescue!

  • Predicting the future based on the past often proves to be treacherous.
  • Like in  the movie Jurassic Park where it was impossible for the dinosaurs to mate, but yet they did.  The scientist said, “Life finds a way.”
  • It is also true when an industry is under pressure as the Oil and Gas Industry is today.
  • Today the industry is changing for the current market condition.

Articles from the past newsletters…

  1. In May we reported that big oil had cut $115 Billion in future development of mega projects that would have begun pumping five to ten years out.
  2. We reported that drilling rig count was dropping and that we had 684 fewer rigs on March 13 than the same day a year prior.
  3. In April we reported that as the Frackers battle OPEC they have also increased efficiency.
  4. Now watch  “Robots To The Rescue.”

Robots To The Rescue Video

Source: Forbes, “The Robot Roughnecks,” by Christopher Helman, August 19, 2015.